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Internet Domain Sales ... Marine SuperYachts,

Adventure and Charter .

 DOMAIN G.B.P.   ....  DotCom 55,000
www.SuperYachtAdventure.Club 50,000 50,000
www.SuperYachtCharter.Club 50,000
www.AdventureYachtCharter.Club 55,000
www.AdventureYacht.Club 55,000 55,000    ....    DotCom 55,000 55,000

Top Flight Marine Charter Names for SuperYachts, Owners, Captains and Investors.

It is estimated at the present moment in time that there are around 800 orders placed in Shipyards and Boat Builders yards with a deposit placed either being built or ready to start construction.  Of those clients a fair proportion will have had a Yacht and are ready to dispose of it by Broker.  With virtually every new Yacht or Brokerage sale their is the potential need for a Website and Domain name.  Our searches on the Internet reveal that appropriate Keyword Domains are very few and far between.  The Domains you see above are now taken and in our hands ready to be forwarded on to new owners or whatever,  add into that the possibility of attracting Investors and there is not much to go around.

Now if only half of those 800 buyers have a SuperYacht for sale then you are looking at 1,200 owners looking for a website,  and not that much in the way of Domains that fit the bill.

Keyword Domains do work when coupled with the Correct Metta Tags such as Title, Description and Keywords,  finish the whole lot off with an .xml sitemap and you are half way there,  Regular site submission and updating help to sustain interest from the buying Public and the search engines.  Names such as Fred Smith mean nothing except to Fred Smith and his ego.

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