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Madeleine McCann

Internet Domain Rental.

Be one step ahead of your competitors without the outlay.

The domains on this site are the property of The Friends of Sherwood Forest.

We do not employ agents or others to sell for us.

All our Domains for Sale or rental are registered to Adrian Wilson or the Friends of Sherwood Forest and are Locked.

The buyer should first enquire to verify availability, .....Domains can sell or rent quickly.

Upon an expression of serious interest the Domain will be placed on reserve for the buyer / renter and noted as such on the website.

The buyer is responsible for making the initial deposit which is non refundable and keeping up monthly rental payments via Paypay

The Deposit is exactly 25% or one quarter of the Domains listed purchase price.

Monthly Rental payments are calculated on the Domains  Domains sale value per year. Please enquire.


No account is necessary in either Fasthosts or GoDaddy for rental purposes as the Domain in question remains the property of Adrian Wilson or The Friends of Sherwood Forest.

Payments to be made by ...

Once payment of deposit and one months rental in advance has been made the nameservers be pointed at your nominated Server within 24hrs, The propagation throughout the Internet can take anything from a day to a week depending.

The domain still remains the property of Adrian Wilson / Friends of Sherwood Forest but as the renter you are responsible for it's upkeep from there.

You are granted full entitlement to exclusive use of that domain.  No entitlement is granted to sub let or otherwise.

Entitlement can only be revoked due to illegal or dishonest practices i.e. if it's not legal, decent or honest then rights may be revoked without notice and no refunds or compensation made.

If at anytime in the future you feel your business is flourishing you can request a purchase price so that you own the domain and any rental payments cease.  Your name would then be entered as the Domain owner and Admin etc.

Purchase price to be calculated as full retail price minus the DEPOSIT you paid  initially,  if after one year of renting we reserve the right to revise the purchase price according to current market trends/

Proves you can have your cake and eat it.....................

Any questions please ask. We have an excellent reputation for customer service and care.


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Internet Domain Sales - FoSF

All Domain Sales subject to local and International Taxes -

Country of Origin UK - Copyright FoSF - Not for Profit -  2021.. E&OE/

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