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Internet Domain Sales... Scammers.

Be one step ahead of the criminals.

Please be aware that Domains for sale on this website could appear elsewhere fraudulently Scammers are all over the internet looking for new victims The Domains for sale on this website i.e. are only available from the Friends of Sherwood Forest, we do NOT employ agents or others to sell for us. we only sell only under strict terms of business.
If you are offered a Website Domain at a silly price check and double check. Please take your time with any transaction and if any alarm bells are ringing you know where to keep your money - in your pocket and not the scammers.

Scammers are looking for new opportunities to take people for a ride, and now even the Lunatic Brigade are involving themselves.

We cannot reasonably be expected refund monies lost due to scam artists.

Scammers are not only linked to thieves who will snatch and run, often they can hide behind pseudo respectable registered companies with Names, Address and Phone numbers that check out with Companies House. These visible scammers are probably some of the worst to deal with and rely on their pseudo respectability in Court to rip you off again with so called contrived expenses and damages claims, please be careful.

They rely on
A. getting your money from you and then
B. ensuring they keep it.

They will blame you the Buyer for failing to complete some form of spurious action and or jeopardising the transaction. Legal threats of Court action and Harassment can follow. The cases are loaded with lies and contrived half truths. Expenses bills will be out of order. These visible scammers are probably the worst to deal with as they get a second chance to rip you off in court, they are well versed with Court procedure and will fabricate a complete pack of lies to ensure they win., in short YOU CAN FIND YOURSELF THE VICTIM OF A BUNCH OF PATHOLOGICAL LIARS who's allegations against you know no bounds.

As you are aware most if not all business transactions completed under an air of trust, scammers can and do work on this basis to gain your trust and suck you in, and do not be surprised if you get threats of violence and Mob behaviour thrown in for good measure.

an air of trust, Scammers can and do work on this basis to gain your confidence and suck you in. Often the scammers are operating as complete lunatics and believe that you as a victim owe them a living, result on that one is a constant string of court applications for so called contrived grievances that they believe they have suffered. How are we so well versed on these matters, we have been scammed ourselves and taken to the cleaners from eBay to organised criminal gangs trading as registered companies getting away with murder, and please do not rely on the Police coming to your rescue, they can be as bad as the criminals for lying.



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Internet Domain Sales - FoSF

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